After years of working in print design, I named my studio, Letterpress, after the elegant technique of relief printing. The stylish type, beautiful industrial machines and subtle, labour-intensive processes of letterpress printing represent to me much of what I love about my work.

In 2002, I graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, with specialisation in Graphic Design, and worked on various freelance projects: museum design, newspaper design, a crafts documentation project, several identity designs etc., before joining Outlook magazines.

From magazine design at Outlook, I went on to work on books for artists and galleries at Photoink, New Delhi. My interest in photography and photobooks led me to write to the publisher whose books repeatedly stood out as some of the very best: Steidl Verlag, Germany. I was invited to work there in 2007 and again, in 2012. As a guest designer there, I worked with some of the finest artists of our times and had the rare privilege of working with Gerhard Steidl, a master printer whose unique set-up in Göttingen made me love and understand the design and production of books in new ways.

I set up Letterpress in 2009. Wonderful artist-designer-editor collaborations keep me busy with books, magazines and other print-and-publication projects. I am a visiting faculty at the National Institute of Design and have conducted design workshops at several places in the country. I write and review and have curated a show on books: "Zones of Privacy". Lucky as I am to be in the age of the internet, I combine a quiet solo practice with teaming up with fellow designers and clients across cities and continents.

Rukminee Guha Thakurta